Mary Baude, Principal Designer 

Thoughtful, chic and skilled, Mary heads up our design team at Whitetail Farm. A designer for over 25 years, Mary's intentional aesthetic weaves its way through every aspect of the business. When Mary approaches a project balance, function and beauty are never far behind. 
Name a trend that will never go out of style:
Cowhide and sheepskin rugs! And black and white anything! 
Name a trend that you hope never comes back: 
Bright and shiny anything. Too "glam" for my aesthetic. 
Design advice to live by:
Fill your space with beautiful things! If you don't love something in your home, donate it and find something you DO love.


Amanda Bell, Associate Designer 

Talented, artistic and creative, Amanda takes pride in sharing her passion for design and love of art with our clients. Amanda's unique aesthetic, penchant for sentimental objects, and ability to blend beautiful things old and new make her an essential member of our team. ⠀
Favorite design quote: 
"If you love something it will work. That's the only real rule" - Bunny Williams
Most cherished item in your home:
This is ever-changing, but the bison wall mount we used in the Designers' Show House is up there! It was my father-in-laws and has tons of sentimental value.    
Favorite design trends:
Matte white accessories, using color/pattern/texture in unexpected ways, black exteriors, overgrown landscape, leather accents, curated art.

Meg Clarke, Studio Coordinator 

Magnetic, gregarious and fun, Meg is our wonderful Studio Coordinator. An essential member of our team, Meg's experience in personal organization helps keep us well-ordered at Whitetail.⁠ ⠀

Best design advice you've ever received:
Remember the finishing touches! I often fall short here, afraid too many pieces would look cluttered, so I would stop before it was fully completed. I learned from both designers at Whitetail that you need to fully finish a job. Some accessory needs to keep in mind? Trays, a books, and rugs pull it all together! 
Favorite way to spruce up a space quickly:

Fresh flowers, a bowl of limes or lemons, or whatever is seasonal.  Anything organic and green looks fresh and instantly spruces up a space in my opinion!!

Best advice for keeping things organized?
Revisiting your space on a regular basis and minimizing clutter is a MUST!!
Assess your refrigerator and pantry weekly, throwing out what’s old or expired, while making a fresh list of needs! 
Beautiful bins that fit your style make it easier to put your things away neatly.  Keep in the habit of putting items back in their designated spot. This makes for a tidy efficient environment!!!